Winter puppies with Athena and Archie

Update: Athena is taking her time going into heat. When I looked back through my calendar I realized that because she goes into heat every 4 months that she will be out more this time from Willow. Don’t get discouraged. The great news about this is I will have much more time for each puppy from each litter to make a great family pet. A little about the parents.

We found a wonderful red stud who carries parti and phantom (as does Athena) closer to home, so we are really excited to see what we get from Archie and Athena. This will be a lighter colored litter. The possible colors are: parti, phantom, sable, cream, apricot, brown, and red. Archie is a AKC 2 year old small 40 lb standard poodle. He is fully tested and OFA certified. He is very calm, sweet and willing dog. He has a therapy and service dog personality and produces that as well. Athena is a sable tuxedo beauty. She is a calm, sweet, athletic, smart and is dedicated to my husband. She follows him everywhere and has the best time being his fishing buddy. We say she takes care of him. She is 60 lbs and 25 inches. She is fully health tested and OFA certified. Their puppies should be any where from 40 lb to 60lb adult standards? Not sure actually, but can’t wait to find out.
Reserve List with Deposits received:(There may be some transfers to Willow from this list. In that case all names will move up including reserve list.)
1 Janelle (This litter only)
2 TSP (This litter only)
3 Kristen B. (This litter only)
4 Katy K. (Either)
5 Danell Harrison (Either)
6 Christine & Borre U.(Either)

 7 Laurie & Dave Friedl (This litter only)

8 Alfredo & Kendra R (Either)
9 Don & Cathy B.(Either)
10 Jack & Erin Johnson (Either)
11 Emmanuelle T(Either)
12 Brigadoon Service Dogs (either)
Reserve List: Due to high demand we are not taking any more families for a reserve list. I will post if we still have puppies available. Thank you to all for your trust in us to provide you with a wonderful new family member.
1 Serena D (Either)
2 Monica G (Either)

3 John E (This litter only or next spring litter)