Fall 2020 Willow and Otto Litter

UPDATE: Willow and Otto from Harmony Hill Standard Poodles are Pregnant. Willow is full with lots of puppies says the vet. A little about the parents:

He’s a wonderful boy and I can’t wait to see their beautiful puppies. There are some current pictures with them together. We will have silver, blue, and black solids. The puppies as adults will be 55 to 70 lbs and up to 26 inch or so. Otto is a very sweet, calm and handsome boy. Otto has European lines and is a fairly good size dog at 75 lbs and 27 inch. Willow is gorgeous, very dedicated, calm, athletic, smart, and our huntress. She is 50 lbs and 23 inch. Both have their health testing complete and both have had wonderful looking puppies.
Willow List with Deposits: (There may be some transfers to Athena from this list. In that case all names will move up including reserve list.)
1 TSP (This litter only)
2 Joan and Scott C. (This litter only)
3 Bob and Amy R. (This litter only)
4 Katy K. (Either)
5 Danell H (Either)
6 Christine & Borre U.(Either)
Don & Cathy B.(This litter only)
8 Jack & Erin J (This litter only)

8a: Kendra (Either)

9 Emmanuelle T(Either)
10 Brigadoon Service Dogs (either)

Reserve List: Due to high demand we are not taking any more families for a reserve list. I will post if we still have puppies available. Thank you to all for your trust in us to provide you with a wonderful new family member.
1 Bryn W. (Willow Only)
2 Roger H (Willow only)
3 Allan & Lisa P (Willow only)
4 Mike & Lisa M (Willow only)
5 Noel C (Willow only)