Meet the Parents

We have introduced each of our poodles into our breeding program for their parent’s health history, for their calm and loving personalities, and their unique colors. Our goal is to produce healthy, calm, and beautiful family pets. Our poodles have been health tested and receive yearly veterinarian care, we feed them a well-balanced kibble and nutritional treats from the family kitchen. You can find them running and playing in the poodle park or, they will be cuddled up to us on the couch or spooning with us in bed.

Treasure of Vegas Ms “Athena” Fawn

Athena is a grand Baby of Zeus and Bella our original breeding pair. She is a sable tuxedo. Sables look totally different as puppies than they will as adults. It’s really cool to watch the transformation. We bought her two hours after she was born because of her beautiful markings and the parents personalities. When we finally got to meet her it was love at first sight. She is wonderfully bright, sweet, calm, independent, attentive, dedicated and easy to train. We are so excited to have her first litter this year.

Athena’s health testing is complete. Genetic Testing is clear, OFA eyes normal, OFA Heart Normal PennHip (DI=0.45)=OFA Good

Sharp Shooter “Lucy” in the Sky with Diamonds

Our newest member to our family is the sweet girl LUCY. We were lucky enough to adopt her and put her into our breeding program. I’m always nervous to bring in an adult dog that I don’t know but after seeing her pedigree I had to have her. Since the minute we picked her up in Meridian, ID we were in love. She is so bright, very sweet, playful, loving ready to do what you ask, and an all around great dog. She has the service bloodlines I look for and can throw a lot of color, so this should be fun. Lucy is 23″ and 50lbs.

Lucy’s health testing is complete. Genetic Testing is clear, eyes normal, cardiac normal, PennHip (DI=0.28)=OFA Excellent

“Willow” Bee Treasure of the Valley

“Willow” came from Salem, OR. After a long drive Zeus and I met her and her family. She was a as lovely in person as in the photos and we instantly fell in love with her. My husband and I love this little girl. I have never known a dog so loving in my life. Willow is also, playful, gentle, smart adn to our surprise a good hunter and watch dog. Nothing can happen on this property without her telling us about it. She is protective in a kind way and such a good nanny. She is 24″ and 50lbs.

Willow’s health testing is complete. Genetic Testing is clear, eyes normal, cardiac normal, PennHip (DI=0.40)=OFA Excellent

OMG Treasured Maximus is on Fire

“Max” is our new Show Boy! He has great confirmation, is wonderfully sweet, pleasing, and playful. He was whelped by a wonderful breeder who also practices Puppy Culture and WOW what a difference. He is very easy to train. And of course he is so handsome. He will be a Silver and White Parti. He’ll be about 60 lbs and 25″ tall. We are excited about his show ring potential and his stud potential in a few years.

Maximus’s health testing will be complete as he ages. Genetic Testing is clear.