Why A Standard Poodle?

We would love to introduce you to our favorite breed of dog. The Poodle was originally from Germany, but later became the national dog of France, where they were commonly used as retrievers and were known as a Caniche or “duck dog”. The word “poodle” comes from the German name pudel or pudelin, meaning “to splash in the water”. The standard poodle is known for their intelligence, ability to train, regal appearance,and temperament. They excel at obedience, agility, tricks, hunting and herding. The “poodle cut” is not merely for show but to protect the joint while swimming in cold waters. The Standard, with their greater size and strength, is the best athlete of the poodle family. They are generally very healthy and robust breed and a great family dog. They are playful, friendly and loving. They are hypoallergenic and will need monthly grooming due to having hair that doesn’t shed like breeds with fur. As you will see in our four beautiful poodles there are many different colors and patterns and it depends on your personal preference which one is for you or, you can do as we have done and have one of each!

Here are some of our happy families that will agree that a Standard Poodle can be for your family too.

“First, let me say I spent three years looking for this dog. I got my little Abbie (Sterling) Willow and Philip puppies, on my birthday. She is the best puppy ever, she walks well on a leash and follows guidance easily. I was specifically looking for temperment, boy did I win the jackpot in the department. I’m glad I didn’t just get any puppy and did my homework. Abbie is in puppy training, with her sister Phoebe (Bluebell), the trainer came up to us and knew the breeder was good. She was right, Heather spent so much time with these puppies, they came almost potty trained. She loves her dogs and it shows in her puppies. I have never been so happy with a dog. Abbie is the most loving sweet happy and super smart puppy. I would recommend her, this breeder to everybody, if you want a awesome dog!”

“On April 22nd 2018 my life changed forever. We met our new baby! The next 4 weeks were torture, waiting to finally pick up our puppy, but Heather managed to make it easy on us. She kept us smiling with pictures and progress updates. We finally brought Kaya home on Mother’s Day weekend; making us a family of 4 (we have a 10 year old standard). Kaya is an amazing pup-pup and I attribute much of that to her wonderful start in life at Treasured Standard Poodles. I tell people how wonderful she is, and how very special this dog breed is, always adding that Kaya’s breeder is the ONLY place I would recommend getting a Standard from. From day 1, Kaya has been a champ at traveling. We were on the road 8 hours that first day and two weeks later took a 5 day trip to Montana. It’s funny how you make life choices based on your pup-pups; we bought a new/different style travel trailer with bunks- more comfortable space for them! In her short 11 months she has been on numerous camping trips, road trips, and even a 10 day hunting trip. I couldn’t have asked for a more accommodating pup. Thank you Heather (and Clint) from the bottom of our hearts; we can’t imagine our lives without our baby!”

Axel is now 5 months old and is the smartest, sweetest boy. He’s also very handsome! All of Clint and Heather’s poodles are just gorgeous! Heather goes above and beyond any breeder I’ve heard of in her testing and training of the puppies before they go to their new homes. I went to visit the puppies almost every week (at Heather’s encouragement) so with Heather’s input I could choose the perfect puppy for my lifestyle and personality. When I got Axel home he settled right in with my 15 1/2 year old mini schnauzer and me in his new home. (It helped that he already knew me.) They play until they both drop. As an added bonus, Axel was nearly completely potty trained and was using the dog door by the next day. Heather’s puppies are well adjusted and easily trained thanks to all the attention she gives them. The groomer thinks he is so easy to work with, again thanks to Heather keeping the little guys clean and trimmed. Axel is in his third week of puppy obedience class and is a star pupil. Everyday is a joy with this boy!

I can’t thank you enough Heather for the great job you do and for helping heal my broken heart. Hopefully it will be many years before I need another puppy and I hope you are still raising your wonderful poodles.