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From day one our puppies are raised in our home in Spokane and now Boise, being loved, trained, and socialized. We start neurological stimulation on day three with each puppy and continue with sensory training until they leave. This makes a calm, curious, and easy to train family pet. We consider them our family until they become your family. We hope you will let us introduce you to our furry kids and that you will come back often to see what’s new in the poodle park.

Our pup’s new parents have left such loving reviews about their experience with Treasured Standard Poodle. Please take a moment to check them out!

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Got any questions on the adoption process or the dogs in general? Feel free to contact us, no question is too small. We are all one family, and families are meant to help out one another. We want to give you all the advice and assistance you need at any point of the process!